Family Spooky Fun in the Cellars
Creepy Crawlies & Craft Workshop

Saturday 21st to Sunday 29th October

These nine days are the only time in the year when our cellars are open to the public. Do you have the nerve to go past the 'Beware of the Bats' sign and down the steps to see what lies beneath our MediEvil Castle where scary cobwebs and screaming ghouls await you? It's creepy, it's crawly, it's cool but it's fun.

The Bats have left the Cellars
Ghosts are in the Corridors
There's Pumpkins in the Fireplace
Whilst witches sweep the flagstone floors.

Not for the feint hearted - come along if you dare!

Owls and Creepy Crawlies

To add to the spooky atmosphere, Trevor Hill will be here with his owls and a collection of creepy crawlies which the brave among you will get the chance to handle.

Children's Craft Activities

Sharon's Multi-task Craft Centre will be open from 11am to 3pm.

Fancy dress optional.

Normal opening times and admission prices apply.